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When your pool makes your day

Imagine this: It is a warm summer night in southern California, the wind rustles the palm leaves, there’s the smell of grilling in the neighborhood, everyone is having fun and you’ve been sitting in traffic for the last hour. It is dark when you get home.

The pool lights are on, you go into the house, grab a beer, change and then you dive into the clear blue water. The stress of the day falls away and you are in your happy place.

How do you keep it that way?

But it takes work to keep your pool in swimming condition. Some people are certain you can maintain your own pool. Others swear by pool services San Clemente to keep it beautiful.

pool services San Clemente

Are pool services worth it?

Looking after the pool is something you need to keep on top of. There are some tasks which you will need to do regardless of whether you use a service. Skimming the surface for debris is something you should do anyway. Using a pool vacuum once a week, also something you could do, you set the vacuum going and let it get on with it.

Not every job is easy

Winterizing and opening the pool are jobs which need to be done properly. Keeping the pH balance right needs know-how. But scarier than those are finding and fixing leaks. Leaks are a worry. The cost of not finding a leak could be massive and not just in lost water. If water is seeping under your house, or worse, next door’s house the bill could be much bigger than pool man ever costs. A service might be a monthly outgoing expense but has to be worth the peace of mind.