February 17, 2019
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In Sarasota, we love our beautiful villa style housing, and like everywhere else the kitchen has to be just right. The kitchen cabinets Sarasota FL is only one part of the whole equation.

kitchen cabinets Sarasota FL

The heart of the family

Ever noticed that people at parties congregate in the kitchen, and it’s not just because that’s where the food is. People gather in the kitchen because it’s the beating heart of the family. It’s the place where we go for comfort and to fill our most basic need – food.

Form and Function

Unless you can afford to eat out all the time your kitchen has to be for the cook. It is not enough for it just to look good. Are there enough work surfaces, is there space for the wine fridge? Do you need a table in the kitchen because that’s where all casual family meals take place?

Out with the old

Kitchen refurbs always take longer than you think they should. You have to remove most of what is currently there. Plumbing, electrics and structure are all involved one way or another, and maybe, you’re going to replace the floor and perhaps even the subfloor too. All this will need to be finished before the new build even begins.

In with the new

Once the shell is ready, then you can start to bring in the new cabinets. The cabinets will need to be put together before they can be hung. Most come flat packed for easier, cheaper delivery. The cabinet surfaces or worktops are also a long order item. If the marble is coming from Italy, it can take a while,

All worth it

When all the work is done, and it’s your dream come true, make sure to use more than the shiny microwave.