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The summer weather heats up in Chicago. Without your A/C unit, you’re left to swelter in the heat. Now is the perfect time to prepare the unit for the dog days of summer so that you won’t need regular, costly air conditioning repair chicago or endure the headaches of hot days. How can you prepare the unit for the heat of the summer?

First, make sure you phone the pros for a tune-up and inspection. After the long winter the unit has endured a lot of hard work and may have a few worn out components that you need to replace. The tune-up and inspection is a relatively inexpensive service that will ensure a cool summer free of A/C headaches.

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The filter in the unit should be changed on a regular basis. You don’t need a professional to change the filter and it costs just a few bucks. It is best to change the filters monthly. Although some can go up to three months before they’re changed. This is one of the most important ways to keep your unit working efficiently, so make sure that you change the filters.

Is the thermostat properly working? Is it set to a comfortable temperature? Maybe you should consider the idea of upgrading to a programmable thermostat if it is not already in use at your home. They save money and lots of headache. The cost of the thermostat is reasonable so that isn’t a concern, either.

When you’re prepared for the summer, you’ll enjoy it far better. Do not endure the headaches and frustrations of an improperly working air conditioning system when there are so many easy ways to keep problems at bay. Put this information to work at your home.